More Emerging Indian Dating Sites

Projections for the year 2014 have been quite overwhelming with hundreds if not thousands of Indian dating sites. I am not sure if it’s justme, but this emergence of Indian dating sites has got me to think of a rebellious+curious kid. How parents gridlock their child (AKA protecting ones child) makes these kids want to venture out even more. Not only seen among children, but also among adults. The more you tell them not to do something the more they do it. So in India, where they are somewhat forced to have arranged marriages which seems not to do so well with the younger generation of kids. Thus, these teenagers or even younger adults venture into online dating as it is more discreet and something you can do behind closed doors.

From the picture on the right hand side, estimates go way beyond your imagination with an estimated user base of 25 million and a projected $200 million market by 2014. With so much population, anyone looking to make some profit might want to enter this database as it is not completely saturated yet and many more will come looking. So if you’re looking to start, heres a list of Indian dating sites you might want to start with.


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