The Cost Of Being A Mail-Order Bride

Here’s a personal story of a mail-order bride.

The Cost Of Being A Mail-Order Bride.


Using Dating Site To Recover Lost iPhone

It’s all over the news, but if you have not read it yet, heres a short summary on how a lost iPhone was recovered using a dating site.

Nadal Niremberg, member of a online dating community had forgotten his phone on a cab right on New Year’s Eve (poor guy). Remembering that his online dating profile was linked to his phone, he decided to give it a go and try to lure the thief into a meet.

Going online, he created a female profile on OkCupid. Uploading a busty women showing cleavage he was sure would attract the iPhone looter. Then he started communicating.

“My best version of talking as a girl as a flirty girl, I should say, is adding winky face emoticons,” he says.

Luckily the thief was a guy, so he took bait for the meet adding also that the target asked “Will you kiss me?”

Niremberg smirkily answered “Well .. I don’t have a boyfriend.” So the plan was to meet up at Niremberg’s Brookly apartment. That was where the date was to take place.

The target showed up wearing a nice jacket, smell of cologne and a bottle of wine. Niremberg followed him up the stairs and while the he turned around, Niremberg decided to spill the secret right there. Handing the target a $20 bill and a hammer in his other hand, the thief handed over the phone and took off.

Now here’s a prime example of how dating sites can help you. Just thought I’d share this story.

More Emerging Indian Dating Sites

Projections for the year 2014 have been quite overwhelming with hundreds if not thousands of Indian dating sites. I am not sure if it’s justme, but this emergence of Indian dating sites has got me to think of a rebellious+curious kid. How parents gridlock their child (AKA protecting ones child) makes these kids want to venture out even more. Not only seen among children, but also among adults. The more you tell them not to do something the more they do it. So in India, where they are somewhat forced to have arranged marriages which seems not to do so well with the younger generation of kids. Thus, these teenagers or even younger adults venture into online dating as it is more discreet and something you can do behind closed doors.

From the picture on the right hand side, estimates go way beyond your imagination with an estimated user base of 25 million and a projected $200 million market by 2014. With so much population, anyone looking to make some profit might want to enter this database as it is not completely saturated yet and many more will come looking. So if you’re looking to start, heres a list of Indian dating sites you might want to start with.

Dating the Twilight stars

So unless you’ve watched Twilight, you wil know what I am talking about. After the Breaking Dawn part II was over, I could feel a sense of sadness in the air as workmates and friends were a little sad but glad that it was over. Now that Edward and Jacob were nowhere to be seen on screen (playing their vampire – werewolf parts), I decided to do a little sort-of-poll to see if they posted their online creepy dating profiles, who would be the more popular choice.

Team Edward Cullen Team Jacob Black

Full Name: Edward Anthony Cullen
Age: Assumed to be 17
Occupation: Student, mountain climber, linguist, piano player
Likes: Running in the woods, animals in the woods (deer, mountain lions etc), fast cars.
Dislikes: Staying in direct sunlight, annoying people, wolves, dogs, native american people/tribes, school, girls riding motorcycles.

Looking for: beautiful tomboy, quiet, shy, likes going into the woods, women who aren’t afraid of blood, women who wish to live eternally, and suck at sports.

Must be: Extremely secretive, not afraid of my family and willing to do all sorts of things.

Can’t be: Too interested in sex until the right time

Full Name: Jacob ‘Jake’ BlackAge: Two-hearted 18 year olds with a cute daughter

Occupation: Nude model, team leader, protector of the woods

Likes: Taking off my shirt, ripping off shirt and pants, running/sprinting like a dog in the woods, hunting bloodsuckers, cliff diving, vintage motorcycles.

Dislikes: Bloodsuckers (vampires), The Cullens, humans who love vampires.

Looking for: Complicated girl who understands his wolfey nature. Likes girls with brains and has a pulse.

Must be: Willing to run around the woods, like his wolf side, and can tolerate his pack

Can’t be: Dead or undead. Please note, I will be able to tell very soon after meeting whether we have imprinted or not. Don’t be offended.

So the decision is yours? If you found one of these 2 guys actually on a site like would you consider even going for them?

The choice is yours.

OkCupid Test

Not sure if you have read, but a guy at OkCupid decided to do a test to see how many responses he would get by creating a girl profile and uploaded a really cute image of a girl. However in the description, there were loads of weird answers and answers which in real life would actually cause you to quit talking to the girl immediately. But turns out her profile got 39 messages in under 6 hours. Let’s she how she/he did it and some of the lame answers she got.

First Dates: Who’s Paying For What?

To reduce that awkward moment on your first date when you’re not sure if you should grab/shuffle for your wallet or not? Cupid PLC has come up with a neat little info-graphic that will solve the worlds problems. They have actually conducted a survey to show the costs for the first date on who pays for dinner.

cupid infographic

Adele on

adele uses

Apparently Adele who we all know as one of the most famous British singers to ever come around, winning 7 Grammys last year is now on eHarmony. News broke that she was using the online dating site after a very bad breakup. On her profile and her biography, she says fans will get a good laugh when reading it as she confesses she is after Prince Harry and thinks she would be a real duchess then.

More on the story here